Membrane material

Jiangsu Jiuwu High-Tech Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development and application of membrane separation technology centered on ceramic membrane and provides comprehensive solutions of systematic membrane integration technology for process separation, industrial water treatment and national key support environment-friendly fields. It’s a membrane system integration enterprise first-rate in the world and top in China with independent intellectual property rights.


Jiuwu High-Tech has accumulated a lot of successful cases in industry process separation fields such as biological medicine, chemical industry, food and beverage, and industrial water treatment fields such as chemical wastewater,printing and dyeing wastewater,oilfield reinjection water. In recent years, it motivated technological development and marketing in new fields, increased technological reserve and promoted demonstration project in industry fields those who are facing huge investment ,or transformation and upgrading, such as coal chemical industry ,refine sugar, phytoextraction, condiment,and environmental protection field supported by nation,which make a good shape of development.


Jiuwu High-Tech is the highlighted National Torch Plan high technical enterprise, which established platforms such as“National United Technology Center”, “Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center”. It’s membrane technology and product have been awarded the Second Prizes of the State Scientific and Technological Progress ,National Key New Product, Nation Excellence Patent Award, National Progress Prize in Energy Technology ,the First Prize of National Membrane Industry Association, Jiangsu Patent Gold Medal, Famous Trademark in Jiangsu, and Famous Product in Jiangsu.